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:iconlotsxovers: was originally set up to be for Legend of the Seeker Crossovers (which explains the name). However, in order to expand on our collection of art and increase our member count, we've come to the decision that this group should not only be for Legend of the Seeker crossovers, but "Lots" more! That being said, this group now focuses on any crossovers involving shows of the Scify/Fantasy & Action/Adventure genres. Not all fandoms you've crossed within the art piece have to fall into these genres, but AT LEAST ONE does in fact have to.

Below, you will find a list of the fandoms (in alphabetical order) we will be accepting, you can cross any other fandom with any of those listed (example: Legend of the Seeker/Castle, or Xena/ER)

:bulletgreen: Alias
:bulletgreen: Angel
:bulletgreen: Battlestar Galactica
:bulletgreen: Birds of Prey
:bulletgreen: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
:bulletgreen: Camelot
:bulletgreen: Caprica
:bulletgreen: Charmed
:bulletgreen: Doctor Who
:bulletgreen: Farscape
:bulletgreen: Firefly
:bulletgreen: Ghost Whisperer
:bulletgreen: Harry Potter
:bulletgreen: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
:bulletgreen: Legend of the Seeker
:bulletgreen: Lost
:bulletgreen: Matrix
:bulletgreen: Merlin
:bulletgreen: Mutant X
:bulletgreen: Once Upon a Time
:bulletgreen: Robin Hood (BBC)
:bulletgreen: Smallville
:bulletgreen: Spartacus
:bulletgreen: Stargate
:bulletgreen: Star Wars
:bulletgreen: Supernatural
:bulletgreen: Tron
:bulletgreen: True Blood
:bulletgreen: Tudors
:bulletgreen: Xena: Warrior Princess
:bulletgreen: X Files
:bulletgreen: X-men
:bulletgreen: MORE TO BE ADDED.

NOTE: I know there are MANY MANY more, so if you know of any other fandoms that you believe should be on this list, comment.

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